About Us

Shengbei Necktie Wear (HK) Ltd
necktie textile co., ltd, founded in 2000, is an enterprise specializing in producing neckties and fabrics of neckties.

The company is situated in Shengzhou, a city in Zhejing province of China that is called "the City of Necktie" place where
it is easy to access different raw material, garment accessories & skillful labour .We have a complete vertical production
operation with processes from silk yarn spinning, weaving and printing, finishing, cutting, sewing, pressing to packing.Our
products of the company include color-woven silk neckties, color-woven polyester neckties, printed silk neckties, printed
rayon neckties and printed silk scarves, bow knots, knots and medium to high-grade gifts as the leather wallet, leather belts,
underwears, etc. The company has an annual output of 3,000,000 pcs. of neckties and 300,000 meters of fabrics. Our overall
daily production capacity is over 8,000 pieces per day. We have a large workforce of over 500 workers and a factory area of
30.000sqm, hence enabling us to achieve a large production capability.

In order to coordinate the corporate growth, in the Hong Kong establishment Shengbei Necktie Wear (HK) Ltd, the goal is obtains
quickly a more direct relation and the communication for Hong Kong and the overseas customer.
Address:                RM715, 7/F, Kam Fu Factory Building, 97-103 Ta Chuen Ping Street, Kwai Chung, N.T.      
Office Hours:    Mon - Fri 10:00am ~ 6:00pm    Sat 10:00am ~ 1:00pm    Sun & Public Holidays ~ Closed           
Tel:                         852 3163 2866    Fax:852 3914 8349    Email:info@shegnbeihk.com

Welcome to use HKSAR Purchasing Card                                  [05-02-2009]

We are the Government Logistics Department (GLD) supplier lists

PGC Code *84710(9)and we can accept the HKSAR Purchasing Card.