About Us


We have produced different types of neckties such as Zip Tie,Ribben Tie,Clip Tie,magic tap Tie...We use silk and polyester mainly as fabric and also use wool, linen ,cotton as fabric.


We have professional teams of designers to design new products and networks which are updated from Europe, U.S, Japan simultaneously. We can produce a series of fresh products to match up fashion and fit our customers in the world. Besides that, we can produce neckties and other products which are designed by our customers. We can help them to realize their ideas and we will co-operate with their needs. We have professional designers to help our customers to design neckties and scarf which can represent their organizations.


Our customers come from different countries. Our main customers are retail store of dressing and personal adornments, large department store, distributors and importers. Schools, companies, the societies and organizations would like to have their neckties and neckerchiefs to represent their groups.


Quality is the most important aspect which customers concern. So there are quality controllers and inspectors in every producing step. They will check the fabrics and the finished products after weaving, printing and cutting carefully. We will also have random inspection in every producing steps and experienced employers to follow the orders of goods. Our customers can achieve their ideas and will be provided a series of services such as designing products, making sample, a great deal of producing, providing materials and packing. If customers are not satisfied about the products, they can return the products to us.